Live Content

Content ideas for live broadcasts.

Post-Show Discussion

What were some of your favorite parts of the episode? What got you excited? What made you angry? What was shocking? After an episode, people love to discuss what happened and this is an opportunity for you to give your own unique perspective and engage with others. 

“So Long, Farewell” — In Memoriams for eliminated contestants of shows.

Pre-Show/Anytime Discussion

This can be done anytime other than during the live episode and immediately after.

What are your predictions for upcoming episode?

Give a recap of the previous episode:

Talking about the most recent episode before the new one starts. A chance to refresh everyone’s memory and get them caught up for the upcoming episode.

“Can You Ship It?” discussing the romances of the shows.

“Pie, Marry, Snog” / “FMK” game with different contestants to interact with audience.

“Wish You Were Here” — Who viewers wish were in that week’s competition or season.

Discussing ideas from fan sites, Reddit or Twitter:

Conspiracy theories

Reviewing hashtags

Live Q&A and Interviews

Know someone with an interesting opinion? Live broadcasts are a great medium for live Q&As and interviews. Simply have them guest star in your broadcast. 

Watch Party

A live reaction to a live show

This format works best with a show airing live, rather than something you stream. That way people can watch along with you. It’s also more likely other people will be watching at the same time. 

Live during commercials, pause when the show come on.

It’s like watching tv IRL. You don’t talk over the show but are excited to discuss during commercial breaks. Be sure to use the pause/unpause feature so you don’t lose viewers and so more people have a chance to join!

Play a Game. Let everyone know the rules before hand. 

Could be that everyone needs to take a drink of their drink of choice when a certain name or word is mentioned.

Scheduled watch parties for streaming shows

Whether it’s the latest series on Netflix or MTV Real World from 10 years ago, create a schedule and let you followers know what to watch and when.


At a cool event and want to share with the community? Go live and give your audience a backstage pass for a behind-the-scenes experience they’ll be sure to love.

Themed Shows

Favorite TV Theme Songs

Best 90s Female Cartoon Characters

Breakdowns of previous seasons

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