TVCO Glossary

TVCO Glossary

This glossary defines common terms that you might see as you're using TVCO or throughout the help center:

Fan Points. You accrue Fan Points whenever anyone sends you virtual gifts, such as animations or pinned comments, or guest stars in your live broadcast. You can exchange Fan Points for cash via our PayPal integration.

Animations. During a live broadcast, you can purchase unique animations to send to the broadcaster.

Pinned comments. To have your comment stand out, you can purchase a pinned comment. Pinned comments are highlighted in gold and remained "pinned" to the top of the chat during a live broadcast for a period of time.

Guest Star. If the broadcaster turns on the Guest Star feature during their live broadcast, they can invite you to join their broadcast as a guest (so all the viewers can see you as well). If the feature is turned on, you can also request to guest star in the broadcast.

TVCO Coins. The in-app currency. While TVCO is a free app, we offer various add-ons for a price. You purchase TVCO Coins via an in-app purchase from Apple iTunes or Google Play (depending on your device), and you can apply those TVCO Coins for various virtual gifts. Please consult our Terms of Service for more information.

Cashing Out. Exchanging your Fan Points to CASH via our PayPal integration.

Going Live. Starting a live broadcast on TVCO.

Vlogs. By clicking the video icon in the center of the navigation bar, you can elect to "go live" or create a short vlog (either by uploading a file from your device or by recording one on the app).