How To Best Prepare for a TVCO Live Broadcast

How To Best Prepare for a TVCO Live Broadcast

Please note that going live is restricted to some users and not every user will have this feature available.

Internet Connection

Connecting your phone to a strong Wi-Fi connection is essential for a successful broadcast.

📶If you have access to wired internet, that will be the highest quality.

📶Turning off data can help minimize signal interference


Good lighting is key. If you are well-lit it is easier for the camera to focus on you. This will help ensure that you are visible to the viewing audience.

Camera Stability

Set your phone on a stable surface or use a tripod. Live video is sensitive to movement.


Try to minimize background noise to the best of your ability. Avoid broadcasting from noisy areas if you don’t have an external microphone.


🔕Turn off notifications on your phone while you’re live.

🔕Make sure to close other apps prior to going live. Your phone only has so much memory and having a lot of apps open on your phone can slow things down.