Features During a Live Broadcast

Features During a Live Broadcast

Please note that going live is restricted to some users and not every user will have this feature available.


Tap on the number of viewers (in the top left corner) to see the full list.

To follow a viewer, tap on them in the viewer list to generate a follow pop-up window.

Settings Menu

The three dots on the top

Flip Camera

If you’re using a tripod or you just want to show your audience something.

Pause Broadcast

Your microphone and camera will be muted.

Whether you get interrupted, need a break, or have an emergency, pausing your broadcast allows you to take a short break without ending your broadcast.

❓Want to host a watch party but only be on camera for commercial breaks? This feature allows your broadcast to temporarily switch to chat only.

Show only boosted comments

This makes sure you don’t miss any boosted comments (comments your audience has paid to get your attention). Make sure to pay extra attention to these ones!

Share Broadcast

Share your broadcast so more people can join! Share on social media, text message, email… wherever!

Tag @TVCO (Twitter & Facebook) and @downloadTVCO (Instagram) to be shared to TVCO’s profiles.

The link to share your broadcast never changes. Instead of sharing during your broadcast and interrupting the show, would be to schedule a social post in advance using that link.

Use Large Fonts

Especially helpful if you’re using a tripod so you can read the comments from farther away.


Awards are sent by the broadcaster to people in their stream.

🏆Use Awards to acknowledge your audience for participating, sending gifts, tips and for their support.

🏆Awards are displayed on the profile page.

Guest Star

Invite other people to join your broadcast. Whether it’s someone who will be your co-host for the duration of the stream or just someone who has a few questions, it’s a great way to engage with your audience and create exciting content.

Setting a price

You can change the price at any point during the broadcast. The user will see the change before they choose to join.


When it turns purple, you’ll see a request. Tap on the purple number and select who you would like to join the broadcast. The user will then confirm they wish to join and then they will appear on the screen where you can talk to them in real-time.

You can end it whenever you want by tapping the X in the right hand corner of their video.

Masks, Effects, Filters

Add some fun to your broadcast by using our masks, effects and filters.

🎭Tap to select a mask, effect or filter and tap again to deselect.

🎭You can use a mask, an effect and a filter all at the same time.

🎭Please note that effects are turned off when you have a guest star join your broadcast.

Heart (Likes)

Your audience taps on the heart icon during your broadcast to show their support.

The amount of likes you get will determine how you rank in the leaderboard. Getting on the leaderboard gives you greater exposure in the app and will help grow your following.


Animations give the audience a way to show their support and appreciation. Make sure to thank them by name and make them feel special. If you have someone send you lots of stuff, you can send them a fun award to thank them and encourage them to keep sending.

You can also see your coin balance and a link to purchase more coins.


Once you tap the comment bar, a rocket ship icon appears. Toggling that on will turn your regular comment into a boosted comment. It will be highlighted in gold and will remain boosted to the top of comments for approximately 45-60 seconds.


Instead of tapping the hearts or sending an animation, your audience can send you tips. The broadcaster doesn’t see it but the audience does.

Ending Broadcast

Tap the X in the top right corner of the live screen to open the pop-up window to end the broadcast.