Creating a VLOG

Creating a VLOG

Cover Photo

Add a cover image (550 x 720 px) or we’ll use your profile picture as the default

Add a catchy title

Tag the series you're talking about

Tagging a show makes sure it shows up on the show’s community page. This is really important for VLOGs because they’ll stay on the communities page forever.

Uploading from your library

Did you record your video already? No problem. Just select it from your camera roll.

Recording from your camera

Recording it using TVCO allows you to use our masks, effects, and filters. Want to put on some makeup? Wear a funny hat? We got you.

What to talk about?

   Some ideas are:

  1. Record a short commentary about your favorite show (what did you like? what didn't you like?)
  2. Promote an upcoming live broadcast (tell your fans when you're going live and what you'll be talking about);